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Language tables as LU learning tradition

Language tables have always been a long-standing and established hallmark of language instruction and learning at Lawrence. For each language department, language tables are offered twice a week. They are one-hour conversational sessions required in some classes, but are mostly optional. For lower level classes, it is required five times per term. Seniors in the

“Inside” Native American Tradition

James E. Cunningham, Ph.D. lectures about Native American cultural traditions in Harper Hall. Photo by Kiran Mufty On Monday, Oct. 10, James E. Cunningham, Ph.D. gave a talk on pop music and how it relates to tradition in Native American culture. While Cunningham’s delayed flight prevented him from speaking the previous Monday, rescheduling the lecture

Lawrence Golf Team Prepares for season

Lawrence has a rich history of athletics. Lawrentians of years gone by were members of sports teams that still exist today. This athletic tradition is worthy of mention. This year, one such team’s history is to be cut short. After this season, Lawrence’s golf team will no longer be recognized as a varsity sport at

Of beards and burqas: Cultural norms in- and outside the United States

Returning to the United States from Winter Break in Pakistan was tough. The freezing temperatures coupled with rigorous border control procedures made the task a harrowing affair. However, the reason for the unusual treatment at O’Hare International Airport was not lost on me. I had extended my No-shave-November facial hair well beyond the penultimate month,

Ringing in Winter Carnival with old traditions and new celebrations

The 79th Annual Winter Carnival kicked off six days of wintry activities for students on Monday, Feb. 3, starting with the Hat Hunt and ending with the President’s Ball on the night of Saturday, Feb. 8.  The wide variety of activities, from knitting to participating in a ski-race, encouraged students to enjoy winter while celebrating