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Your Handy Guide to the Trump-Russia Controversy, Because Someone Has to Do It

Even before the election there’s been a lot, and I do mean a lot, of speculation on what on earth Trump’s ties to Russia and President Vladimir Putin are. The reactions range from denials to conspiracy theories that Trump is a Manchurian (Siberian?) candidate out to destroy the country in an unholy alliance with Putin.

Remember Trump?

Two months ago, campus was shell-shocked by the results of the presidential election. Classes were cancelled and discussions were opened in classrooms across every discipline. The entire campus came together to advocate for safety in a historically difficult time. Then we all left for break, and the support train screeched to a halt. The eerie

President Trump, what about President Pence?

Donald Trump’s rhetoric is disgusting. His blatantly racist, sexist, transphobic and bigoted statements garnered international media attention. But at heart, he is no more than a shrewd businessman capitalizing on the fears of Americans. He will not last the full term in the office. So get ready for President Mike Pence. Hopefully, the American people