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Jake Victor and Sean Goldman entertain on Valentine’s Day

On Sunday, Feb. 14, two sophomore percussion students, Jake Victor and Sean Goldman, hosted a recital in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel. Titled “Jake and Sean’s Valentine’s Day Recital of Love,” the concert featured a mix or light-hearted and serious performances. Most sophomore musicians do not decide to have recitals, but if they do, it is

Groups sell valentines for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. To get into the spirit, students bought valentines from student organizations like Lambda Sigma and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia these past two weeks. Selling from tables in Warch Campus Center, both organizations will donate the funds to Harbor House. Lambda Sigma, an honors society for sophomores, sold valentines

Valentine’s Day: a Terrible Holiday for Terrible People

When we defend Valentine’s Day, what are we really defending? Love? I don’t think so. Capitalism? Maybe. The right to be obnoxious about your relationship decision?  Absolutely. Valentine’s Day can only exist through the lens of a love-obsessed society. We are not allowed to forget this ever, but especially not on such a God-forsaken time