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Vikes Versus Knox

The Vikings played last Saturday, Nov. 5, against Knox college in another well-played game. The Vikes’ overall standing is 3-6 and 2-5 in the Midwest Conference, while Knox has 2-7 and 2-5. Lawrence came out strong the first quarter, with a 19-yard touchdown pass to sophomore Cam Boerm to bring the score to 7-0. Knox’s

Blast from the Past: The Smocks versus the jocks

Published 10/3/1986 Author: Karin Swisher The buildings that make up Lawrence are of many different vintages, as would be expected of a 169-year-old school. However, due to the range of ages of the school’s facilities, there is a constant need for renovation, improvement, or replacement of various buildings. Thus, a debate constantly rages as to