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Window Scene: “Lunch”

SCENE, Mall Food Court. A group of college-age students sit at a circular table. STUDENT 3: History should be gayer! GROUP laughs. STUDENT 3: Throws up their hands. I’m serious! STUDENT 4: Putting their hand on STUDENT 3’s shoulder. Hon, history is plenty gay, it’s not like people just suddenly started being gay. STUDENT 3:

Window Scene: “Fortune”

SCENE, Alley at dusk. A shadowed figure looms as a group of four friends walk through the darkness.   MILLIE: And then he was all like- MARSHA: WAIT! The other girls stop and look at her. ZOE: What’s wrong? MARSHA: Didn’t we already go down this alley? MILLIE: Oh come on, Marsha, don’t be an

Window Scene: Cafe

Excerpts from an overactive imagination. SCENE, Cafe. All of the tables are empty but one, its occupants are a man and a woman. They are sitting across from each other. “River” by Bishop Briggs is playing softly in the background.   KEN: I’m only dating you ironically.   SARAH: That’s fine. (She sips her cappuccino)