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Masked student doctorates gingerbread house

Modified Winter Carnival celebrated on campus

Modified Winter Carnival celebrated on campus

As part of Winter Carnival, Lawrence students decorate gingerbread houses in the Somerset Room of  the Warch Campus Center on Tuesday, Feb. 2. Photo by Sebastain Evans. Lawrence’s annual Winter Carnival began Monday, Feb. 1 and will conclude on Sunday, Feb. 7 with a celebration of the Superbowl. The Student Organization for University Planning (SOUP)

Ringing in Winter Carnival with old traditions and new celebrations

The 79th Annual Winter Carnival kicked off six days of wintry activities for students on Monday, Feb. 3, starting with the Hat Hunt and ending with the President’s Ball on the night of Saturday, Feb. 8.  The wide variety of activities, from knitting to participating in a ski-race, encouraged students to enjoy winter while celebrating