Letters to the Editor

Any letters to the editor received during a standard news cycle will be published in the edition immediately after the letter has been edited and revised. The letter will appear on The Lawrentian website at the same time as the rest of that edition. If a letter to the editor is received outside of the standard news cycle, it will be edited and revised per usual and will be uploaded to The Lawrentian website once that process is complete. Letters received outside of the standard news cycle will not be published in print.

Letters to the editor must be less than 500 words, regardless of whether they will be published in print or online only. Letters to the editor will be edited for clarity, style and grammar.

Individual manifestos and campaigns will not be published as letters to the editor. Candidates should all be able to present their platform equally to ensure the Lawrence community can be as informed as possible; the spatial and scheduling constraints of letters to the editor does not support equitable representation. Should an organization or office wish to publicly declare reformed policy, we encourage them to publish via their own platforms and to submit a Story Proposal Form for a staff member of The Lawrentian to cover as a News or Features story.