About The Lawrentian

Since 1884, The Lawrentian has been Lawrence University’s student newspaper. The Lawrentian is entirely student-run. It is one of the university’s oldest and longest-running student organizations, as well as the oldest Lawrence publication still in production.

Editorial Policy

Editorial policy is determined by the editors. Any opinions that appear unsigned are those of the majority of The Lawrentian’s Editorial Board.

Letters to the editor are encouraged. The editors reserve the right to edit for style and space. Letters must be emailed to: lawrentian@lawrence.edu. Submissions by email should be text attachments.

All submissions to editorial pages must be turned in to The Lawrentian no later than 5 p.m. on the Monday before publication.

All submissions to the editorial pages must be ac- companied by a phone number at which the author can be contacted. Articles submitted without a contact number will not be published.

The Lawrentian reserves the right to print any submis- sions received after the above deadline

Letters to the editor will be edited for clarity, decency and grammar.

Letters to the editor should not be more than 350 words.

The Lawrentian Editorial Board:


Dannielle Konz ’21

Copy Chief

Molly Ruffing ’22

Managing Editor and Distributions Manager

McKinley Breen ’21

News Editor

Alex Freeman ’23

Variety Editor

Celeste Reyes ’22

Sports Editors

Peter Lagerhausen ’21

Features Editor

Aaron Zommers ’21

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Ursa Anderson ’22

Opinions and Editorials Editor

Genevieve Cook ’21

Photo Editor

Sebastian Evans ’21

Web Manager

Nora Murphy ’22

Copy Editors

Ethan Wachendorf ’22

Caroline Garrow ’21

Aaron Zommers ’21