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Group of musicians hold their trombones on their heads like hats and pose for a photo.

Group Spotlight: Trombone Studio

Group Spotlight: Trombone Studio

2019-2020 Trombone Studio. Not pictured: Juniors Molly Ruffing and Kate James. Freshmen members for the 2020-2021 studio: Caelen Hubred, Leah Kukman and Sam Johnson. The trombone studio is working hard to stay connected despite the many changes that have occurred since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. I spoke to junior Mikayla Frank-Martin and sophomore

Movies, Movies, Movies

Godzilla Vs. Kong, 2021, directed by Adam Wingard – 3.5/5 Stars Warner Brothers’ recent monster films, members of the “Monsterverse” as they are called, are difficult to assess with the usual filmmaking criteria. These bom- bastic, ridiculous romps have little to offer in terms of an emotional core or narrative arc, but somehow successfully work

Creative Writing Club Serial Story: Episode One

Lizzie sat in the front seat of her mothers SUV, habitually tugging her hik- ing shorts up and down her legs. “You and Dad really used to come up here?” She asked, digging a finger into her ear. Her mother glanced away from the winding mountain road. “A long time ago. Before you were born.”

Album Review: Above

There are few places on Earth par- alleled in their perpetual gloom than Seattle, Washington. As a native of the city, I never fully appreciated the somber atmosphere, the frequent overcast skies and rainy days created until I moved away to sunnier climes. Sequestered in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle’s music scene in the 1980s flourished

SOUP offers grab-and-go crafts

Freshmen Cat Chu and Charlotte Ho pick up supplies from SOUP’s Adopt a Rock! event. Photo by Alana Melvin On Wednesday, March 31, Lawrence University’s Student Organization for University Programming (SOUP) hosted their Adopt a Rock! event. Due to cam- pus-wide COVID-19 restrictions taking place during the first two weeks of the term, the event

Projection screen with he words "DANIEL GREEN" on them and a young Black man behind the words

Cultural Expressions takes new platform

A group viewing session for the event was held in Somerset, projected here is fifth-year Daniel Green’s performance. Photo by Sebastian Evans This year, the Black Student Union’s (BSU) annual production of Cultural Expressions for Black and Brown empowerment was themed “Black Love” and took place in a hybrid setting, streaming live on YouTube with

Let Me Tell You: Derry Girls

Last term, I interviewed Lawrentians about what pieces of entertainment and media got them through the summer of lockdown and isolation. This term, I’m doing the same thing, except it’s my turn. Each week, I’m giving my comfort food, pop culture and art suggestions for the dreary winter we’re facing. What’s something you can watch, read or listen to that can take

disslove/ressolve: Alumni showcase past year of work

Two 2020 Lawrence graduates, Tanner MacArthur and Callie Kiesow, visited with Lawrence community members via Zoom on Thursday, Feb. 25 to discuss their joint show “dissolve/resolve,” which is on show now at the Wriston Art Galleries. The two were scheduled to show their senior exhibitions in the spring of 2020, but after Lawrence went online