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Transcendent Threads

Recently, I have been growing an extremely hearty, yet expensive, affinity for trousers dated pre-2000s. What does this even mean? Excellent question. Whilst watching this man on the popular, vivacious and apparently controversial app, TikTok, I fell in love with trousers. This man makes videos to the same audio every time, showing off his stellar

I thought a thought.

I thought a thought once, and I did not know what to do with it. So, I put it away — hid it away for a rainy day. But that rainy day never came — as if, as soon as I had a plan for a day full of clouds and raindrops, the skies were


Let’s make a cost-benefit analysis. So, you’re telling me that I can spend an entire life for the benefit of making meaningfully meaningless perceived artisanal products? I won’t lie, I like the sound of that. I am fairly self-absorbitant, so it’s hard for me to enjoy anything that doesn’t fulfill my niche-requisites. I’ve even had

Beneath the Surface

Frank Wilson’s eyes blink open three minutes before his alarm. Enough time on the submarine had trained him to sleep in six-hour shifts almost exactly, despite how deep he normally sleeps. He yawns, shuffling out of his bunk until his feet hit the ground. He expects to see the usual — someone asleep across the

Transcendent Threads

Gather around, friends and foe … allow me to regale you all about the sewing machine venture of 2020. This is a tale of triumph, loss, fear, sadness and simplicity. It is a tragi-comedy and simultaneously a play of love in three acts. I suppose this is to warn you all before entering the mysterious