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Inorcism of Molly

What is ecstasy in life? I’m not talking about the pill named molly. I’m the only one here who’s being a pill ask- ing such a phony question, and I’ll take on the name Molly too while I’m at it. Anyhow, the Google machine tells me it’s “an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful


“Attention, Spacemart shoppers, we will be closing in ten minutes. Please bring your items to the front of the store to check out.”  Ethel’s voice echoes through the store before she shuts the receiver off with a click. The last few straggling customers shuffle over to her register, where she scans their items and then

The Joys of EBay

Wow! A whole new term! Crazy, right? Over spring break, fashion was definitely something that plagued my thoughts. In this sense, plague was defi- nitely a bad thing. When left to my own devices for ten-ish days I con- stantly found myself scrolling on Depop. Spending hours focusing on the prices of some thrifted favorites,