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  1. Kirsten Palmer said:

    Hello, just wondering if it’s possible to get a subscription to your newspaper?
    Thank you

  2. Troy Merryfield said:

    I love the story about “The Rock” because we moved it from Plantz to the Phi Delt House twice in the mid-80’s. It also turned into a paint war with the DG’s and Kappa’s because of some of our shenanigans. Lots of great fun with that thing!! Having a parent with a towing business in Wrightstown helped us immensely!!

  3. mike reese sr said:

    Dear Editor,
    Every once and awhile, we all come across somebody who truly cares. Someone who pays attention to details. Someone who has the courage and enough concern to stop and talk. “ Good morning. I notice you are having a hard time walking! Are you OK?
    Well, that’s what happened to me on October 1st. 2017. I was walking back to my table at a restaurant. I sit down. I continue to read my newspaper. Then a gentleman walks up to me and says, “ goodmorning”. He noticed that I had a nerve condition that affected my walking. He started asking me about it.
    Well, i’m polite and a good listener, so I listened and answered a few questions. It quickly became apparent to me, after a short while, that he not only sincerely cared, but he seem to have good insight and fresh ideas that may help me.
    He introduced himself as Bob Slamka. The said he was planning on running for Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin in 2018. He said he feels the need to talk to as many people he can. He often stops to find out how people feel? What things they care about? What kind of help do they need? He seems to have a natural ability to think outside the box and come up with a few ideas that a person could do that would help them.
    I write this for the simple reason is that, we need people like this in our government. I believe most people in politics are truly caring people. I just want to keep voting into our government them that truly care and have good ideas.
    In 2018, i will be voting for Robert Slamka. I hope you will as well.
    Sincerely yours,
    Mike Reese

  4. Diana Williams said:

    What would a huge increase in relevant traffic mean for your business? If I could greatly increase the amount of customers who are interested in your products and services, wouldn’t you be interested.

  5. Nicole LeStrange said:

    Wondering where to send a feature article for an alumni who is currently releasing his first feature album. What parameters should we follow for the article and what timing should we be mindful of? Thanks in advance!