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“Borat Subsequent Moviefim,” 2020, directed by Jason Woliner — 3.5/5 Stars The first “Borat” was shocking and over-the-top. Sacha Baron Cohen’s unscripted, part-real, part-mockumentary film left audiences slack-jawed, stunned and hungry for more. Despite the attention it got, the movie’s sheer vulgarity may have skewed its intended message of mocking American stupidity and xenophobia. Those

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“Palm Springs,” 2020, directed by Max Barbakow – 4/5 Stars  It might seem like the “time loop” trope has been tired out by now. “Groundhog Day,” “Edge of Tomorrow” and “Happy Death Day” have all attempted to combine different genres with the familiar premise, each with varying levels of success. At this point, many dedicated

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“Hubie Halloween,” 2020, directed by Steve Brill – 1/5 Stars  Adam Sandler has starred in a lot of bad movies. Alongside producer Jack Giarraputo, Sandler created Happy Madison Productions, which has brought audiences infamous gems like “Pixels,” “Jack and Jill” and “Grown Ups.” This month, “Hubie Halloween” joined the roster of shockingly terrible comedies, featuring

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“I’m Thinking of Ending Things,” 2020, directed by Charlie Kaufman — 4.5/5 Stars Kaufman’s work has never been particularly easy to understand. Those familiar with “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” or “Synecdoche, New York” will know how Kaufman’s writing can produce an eerie, dreamlike feeling that forces the viewer to ruminate on their own