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Free trade provokes concerns

Dom Yarnell As clouds of tear gas drifted through the streets, thousands of police equipped with riot gear and surrounded by a 3-meter high chain link fence stood guard. In addition to their shields, batons, and gas masks, police used water cannons and guns armed with rubber bullets and laser sights in order to keep

Two-decade-old Crandon Mine controversey continues

Wes Miska The LU Geology Department hosted two activist speakers who presented their views on the hotly debated issue of mining in Crandon, Wis. for a public panel discussion held in the Wriston auditorium on April 12. The speakers included Kenneth Fish, director of the Menominee Treaty Rights and Mining Impacts Office and John J.

April 19 LUCC Meeting

Ryan Young LUCC’s April 19 meeting was called to order at approximately 4:50 p.m. The committee debated many issues, including the allocation of $1,832 to various campus groups and a vote that made some small houses non-smoking.Before the meeting’s cash allocations, the general fund stood at $26,348.52. MCAC received $1,000 for a speaker they are

Publicity should strive to inform

“Awareness” activities on campus have reached new heights in terms of sheer volume and visibility. It seems that it’s constantly national-this month, or remember-that day, or put-a-stop-to-something week. No matter where you go on campus, there is a steady barrage of one group or another insisting that you care about and take notice of their

San Francisco comes in first and last

Jessie Augustyn Last week, the city of San Francisco decided that it was time for more than just a change in policy. After five years of debate in the health service system, the city council has finally approved federal funding for sex changes for transsexual employees. They will be the only governmental body in the

The Seasons: A pleasurable attention to detail

Carl Polley Located in a small, red brick strip mall, with windows looking out on one of Appleton’s sadly pervasive parking lots, The Seasons restaurant near the Holiday Inn presents visitors with an unassuming facade. Inside, however, The Seasons offers a highly polished and pleasurable dining experience.What most struck me at The Seasons was the