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Staff Editorial: Supreme Court approves halting the census

In an action that will have lasting effects on accuracy of data and underrepresentation of communities, the Supreme Court has decided to halt the 2020 census despite the difficulties faced in collecting data during the COVID-19 pandemic that have left large portions of the country unaccounted for.  Last Tuesday, the Supreme Court suspended a lower

Staff Editorial: Ethical Consumerism

TW: violence, murder, profitting from the aforementioned This summer, audiences were stunned by a viral video of Megan Thee Stallion limping down a Hollywood sidewalk, leaving a trail of blood behind her. At the time, Megan claimed to have stepped on glass; however, in a tearful live video later, she explained that singer Tory Lanez

Staff Editorial: Students: The real bearers of the pandemic’s financial burden

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many features of a college experience have been removed or altered in non-beneficial ways, from clubs and group activities being canceled to classes moving online. While all of this is being done for the safety of the community, and no one could really argue otherwise, the quality of

Winter Sports Senior Spotlight

Jakub Nowak – Fencing Major: Environmental Studies Secret Talent: I can do the first five seconds of the Renegade dance! Favorite Moment: Winning the Lawrence Open my sophomore year. It was amazing having my entire team behind me during the match. Words of advice: Organize your time well, but make sure to leave yourself time