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Hairy Feminist

I know what you might be thinking: “here we go again, another feminist who does not shave her legs and wants to rant about the reasons why. She burns bras and smashes razors all while yelling about the patriarchy.” While I will admit that that sounds like my Saturday nights, I will correct my title

Illogical Logic

What is logic? What is rational thought? We often define these things as the opposite of emotion, and yet, that isn’t really good enough. The two are often intertwined. If I told you that “logic” is not universal, what would you say? You might be inclined to disagree yet even science, the very thing that

I no longer believe in civil discourse about race

There were many moments in my life when I objected to the way a minority group behaved or protested. I had been taught that the good and noble people who committed civil disobedience did it with complete respect and without violence. I was taught about MLK and Gandhi and Rosa Parks, noble heroes who refused