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Window Scene “The Big One”

Excerpts from an overactive imagination. SCENE: Street corner. There is a block party going on; LORRAINE and ETTA are behind a booth. The sun is setting and other booths are closing. LORRAINE: Who will be the last Julius Street Genius? ETTA: Come and test your knowledge of these facts! LORRAINE: Step right up and prove

Letter to the editor: A drunk guy verbally assaulted me and somehow I was the one thrown out of the free speech event for speaking my mind

Last night, I went to a sloppy white supremacist propaganda screening veiled as a forum for ‘free speech and logical thought.’ As it was advertised, it became immediately clear that this was a hotbed for rape jokes, racial and gender slurs. Without any regard for content warnings, these white terrorists on training wheels began their

Music for One, Music for All

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2017, Riverview Gardens hosted the annual Music for All concert. The concert featured interactive chamber performances by Lawrence students and faculty members including the RCT piano trio, Mason String Quartet and Brass Quintet along with the New York-based chamber ensemble, Decoda. The concert was free and open to all.