Editorial Policy

Editorial policy is determined by the editors. Any opinions which appear unsigned are those of the majority of The Lawrentian‘s editorial board.

Letters to the editor are encouraged. The editors reserve the right to edit for style and space. Letters must be e-mailed to lawrentian@lawrence.edu. Submissions by email should be text attachments.

All submissions to editorial pages must be turned in to The Lawrentian no later than 5 p.m. On the Monday before publication.

All submissions to the editorial pages must be accompanied by a phone number at which the author can be contacted. Articles submitted without a contact number will not be published.

The Lawrentian reserves the right to print any submissions received after the above deadline and to edit each submission for clarity, decency, and grammar.

Letters to the editor should not be more than 350 words, and will be edited for clarity, decency, and grammar.

Guest editorials may be arranged by contacting the editor in chief or the editorials editor in advance of the publication date.

The opinions expressed in The Lawrentian are those of the students, faculty and community members who wrote them. All facts are as provided by the authors. The Lawrentian does not endorse any opinions piece except for the staff editorial, which represents a majority of the editorial board. The Lawrentian welcomes everyone to submit their own opinions using the parameters outlined above.