New LUCC president and VP elected

Sophomore Maria Pimenidou answers one of the questions directed at the candidates by the two student mediators. Photo by Emma Gilshannon After a close election on Tuesday, Lawrentians have chosen their next President and Vice President for the Lawrence Community Council (LUCC). Junior Rufino Cacho won the presidency with 251 votes, and the Vice Presidency

BREAKING: Cacho and Murray bag victories at the LUCC executive elections

The Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) released the results of the recently concluded executive elections to The Lawrentian. Junior Rufino Cacho won the presidential election, while sophomore Colleen Murray succeeded in the vice presidential race. There is a 3-day period available for any contesting of the election. After this period, the results will become official pending General Council

World News

Compiled by Stephanie Meyer Iraq On Monday, Jan. 16, two suicide bombings occurred in Baghdad. No group has claimed responsibility yet, however it is suspected that the Islamic State is behind this. Witnesses report that the bombers appeared at the Tayran Square, a busy, densely populated open air market in the Iraq capital, around 6


Lawrence names four senior candidates for Watson Fellowship

Senior Lindsey Holsen, one of four Lawrence students nominated for the Watson Fellowship, in the Sustainable Lawrence University Garden (SLUG). Photos By Larissa Davis Imagine having a full year and the proper funding to travel the world in pursuit of knowledge and experience with a subject explicitly catered to your own individual interests. Imagine the

Opinions and Editorials

Staff Editorial: Math tutoring for all levels

As early as Freshman Studies, Lawrence strongly encourages all students to seek help through peer tutoring in all areas. At the Center for Academic Success (CAS), quantitative, content, writing, and lab tutoring are available. Currently, it seems that there are no tutors assigned for Math courses above the 100 level, essentially barring students from access

Arts & Entertainment

Meditations on Music: Esperanza Spalding’s “Exposure”

Songwriter/bassist/vocalist Esperanza Spalding has yet again shown how energetic a creator she is. With her sixth album, she has taken a wildly different approach from those she had taken with her previous releases—and wildly different from any other artist, for that matter. Even with 2016’s “Emily’s D+Evolution,” a stark contrast to her jazz roots based


Blast from the Past: An Introduction to Lacrosse

What’s that? A lacrosse stick. What? Many people will ask questions like these this spring term simply because they have never seen the game played. Although not big in the Midwest or the South, most eastern schools have extensive Lacrosse programs. The game Lacrosse originated in the northeast section of the United States and Quebec

Online Exclusive

Burstein signs amicus curiae supporting “Dreamers”

In protest of the Trump administration’s recent action on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy, Lawrence University has signed an amicus brief along with more than 50 other U.S. universities. DACA was a federal government program created under the Obama administration in 2012. It was intended for people who had been brought to