Visiting author speaks about Community Read

Dan Egan is a long-time reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Photo by Allegra Taylor. On Monday, Feb. 12, journalist and author Dan Egan visited Lawrence to speak to participants in this term’s community read, The Death and Life of the Great Lakes. The class this term consisted of multiple small group discussions lead by

BREAKING NEWS: New LUCC Vice President elected

Sophomore Maria Poimenidou was elected to serve as Vice President of LUCC. There is a three-day period available for any contesting of the election. After this period, the results will become official pending General Council approval on Monday, March 5.

World News

Compiled by Wenshu Wang Russia One day after the U.S. declared it would pull out the agreement, Russia has announced it is suspending in the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces treaty. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced this move last Saturday. Following the decision by the U.S. to suspend compliance with the INF treaty, Putin held a


Faithful Retellings: Shreejah Vachhani

Sophomore Shreejah Vachhani. Photo by Anton Zemba While we’ve always been told never to bring up money, politics or religion at the dinner table, sometimes it’s these subjects that can lead to the most insightful discussions. Our perspectives on spirituality and religion are as different as the backgrounds and stories that we carry with us.

Opinions and Editorials

Staff Editorial: Internet Imposters

Last term, on a study abroad trip to Shanghai, junior Maddie Kiehl encountered a notorious internet creep that has been targeting students. Kiehl accepted a friend request, noting the amount of common connections and the mention of Lawrence University in the account bio. Kiehl says that the account began messaging her “super inappropriate things,” which

Arts & Entertainment

Easily Amused “Donnie and I”

Is there a song that never fails to remind you of a special place or person? Is there a painting on your wall that grabs your attention every time you enter your room? Is there a movie you could watch over and over? For me, that movie is the 2001 psychological thriller, “Donnie Darko.” I’ve


Men’s Basketball: winning for their seniors

On Saturday, Feb. 9 the men’s basketball team played against our conference rival Cornell College, but something was different. There was a certain suspense that the crowd could feel. The team showed more grit in their pregame, displaying their desire to win. It was senior night. Everyone wanted to do their best. They wanted to


Visiting art historian delivers lecture on architecture

Spanish art historian and coordinator of museum for Romanesque Studies Cesar del Valle Barreda gave a lecture about the monastery of Santa Maria la Real in Wriston Auditorium on Monday, Feb. 11. He presented the 900-year history of the monastery, and he introduced the architectural style of Santa Maria la Real that is a mix

Online Exclusive

LU gets stoned

In 1895, a Lawrence University geology class took a field trip to Mosquito Hill outside of New London, Wisconsin. According to the legend, A. Arthur Bennett ‘95 and his classmates found a large boulder on the side of the road and decided to bring it back to campus. The students secured the use of a