PAW hosts Puppies and Pizza to educate about service dogs

Fifth-year Alex Quinn petting service dog in-training Willard. In order to educate Lawrence students about service dogs, members of People for Animal Welfare (PAW) hosted an event called “Puppies and Pizza!” in the Diversity Center at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 6. Students were encouraged to attend with free food from Sal’s Pizza as well

BREAKING NEWS: New LUCC Vice President elected

Sophomore Maria Poimenidou was elected to serve as Vice President of LUCC. There is a three-day period available for any contesting of the election. After this period, the results will become official pending General Council approval on Monday, March 5.

World News

Hong Kong  The ongoing protests in Hong Kong have continued to rage and, according to police, have put the country in a state of almost total collapse. Recently, a new round of protests erupted near the University of Hong Kong campus. Over 1,000 protesters set up barricades and clashed with police, resulting in tear gas


What a Game! – Nathan Ferguson

Games have been an important part of human history. From ancient times to our times, games have evolved to reflect the values, culture, and the lives of the people who created and played games. For me, games have been a way to learn, explore, and create things in a way I was not able to

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Staff Editorial: It’s not protest; it’s harassment

Over the past few weeks, Lawrence students crossing College Avenue have run the risk of being bombarded with grotesque images of “bloody and dismembered fetuses, with harsh slogans comparing Planned Parenthood to the Holocaust,” according to sophomore Dalton McLaughlin who participated in a recent counter-protest. The group that has organized this anti-abortion campaign has also

Arts & Entertainment

Studio Orchestra performs at Jazz Weekend

This past term, the Lawrence Symphony Orchestra (LSO) and the Lawrence University Jazz Ensemble (LUJE) joined to become the Lawrence Studio Orchestra, a sea of talented musicians. On Nov. 8, LSO joined the Lawrence Jazz Faculty Group and took the stage in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel for a performance in the Fred Sturm Jazz Celebration


Swimmers split with St. Norbert

This past weekend, the Vikings’ swim team faced off against St.Norbert’s. It was evenly matched, with the men’s team falling 148-51 but the women managing to take down the Green Knights 117-108.  The Lawrentian interviewed senior Natasha Statz who competed in the women’s 200-yard medley relay as well as the women’s 100-yard breaststroke and women’s


Lore-ence: “Airbnb to fund Lawrentians’ dreams”

The following story is satire. All events and characters are fictional. In recent years, Lawrence University has bought an alarming number of cardboard cutouts. From President Burstein to Papa Smurf, there are cardboard cutouts all over campus. This has become increasingly unsustainable. Lawrence is struggling to keep up with the costs and the demand, especially

Online Exclusive

LU gets stoned

In 1895, a Lawrence University geology class took a field trip to Mosquito Hill outside of New London, Wisconsin. According to the legend, A. Arthur Bennett ‘95 and his classmates found a large boulder on the side of the road and decided to bring it back to campus. The students secured the use of a