Lawrence International Spring Formal

Kelly Vences, Megan Hunter, Ryshaun Brown, Janai Robbins, and Hyland Flores. The Lawrence International Spring Formal, “Dancing With The Stars,” was held on Friday, May 10, at Liberty Hall in Appleton from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. The dance featured a DJ, free food, a bar and a photo booth. Shuttles drove students to and

BREAKING NEWS: New LUCC Vice President elected

Sophomore Maria Poimenidou was elected to serve as Vice President of LUCC. There is a three-day period available for any contesting of the election. After this period, the results will become official pending General Council approval on Monday, March 5.

World News

Compiled by Rikke Sponheim Algeria Since Friday, Feb. 22, tens of thousands of people across Algeria have taken to the streets to protest President Abdelaziz Bouteflika running for a fifth term of presidency. These have been the largest street demonstrations in over a decade in Algeria. President Bouteflika has been in power for 20 years


Real Womxn’s Voices: Emilia Ciotti-Hernandez

Freshman political science major Emilia Ciotti-Hernandez. Photo by Sarah Navy. To identify as a womxn is to expect solidarity with others who identify the same way. The assumption that there is a universal womxn experience erases the nuances and variety that exists. This column seeks to address those intersections in an effort to celebrate and

Opinions and Editorials

Imposter Syndrome and why you’re doing fine

We are coming into the final stretch of the 2019-20 school year and the anticipation for summer is in full effect. Weeks are feeling like endless months and it seems like this year will never end. In a time like this, mental health is a priority for everyone as we move into  the season of

Arts & Entertainment

“She Ventures and He Wins”—Three-hundred year old feminism

Senior Ben Johnson as Sir Roger Marwood, senior Ming Montgomery as Charlot and sophomore Oscar Brautigam as Lovewell. Photo by Taylor Blackson. The recent LU theatre department production of “She Ventures and He Wins,” directed by the James G. and Ethel M. Barber Professor of Theatre and Drama and Associate Professor of Theatre Arts, Kathy


Shoutout to the athletic trainers

There are many different factors that contribute to a successful athletic team. The amount of work coaches and athletes put into their programs is obvious. However, one often overlooked, yet extremely essential part of the athletics at Lawrence is the athletic training department. The three athletic trainers at Lawrence, Ashley Rottier, Kelsey Sauer and Matt

Online Exclusive

LU gets stoned

In 1895, a Lawrence University geology class took a field trip to Mosquito Hill outside of New London, Wisconsin. According to the legend, A. Arthur Bennett ‘95 and his classmates found a large boulder on the side of the road and decided to bring it back to campus. The students secured the use of a