Fun facts about houses around the Lawrence campus

By Laura Leppink

Stephen Scarff House: This house was originally owned by the Galpin family. It is thought that Alfred Galpin Jr. wrote to Alexander Graham Bell and made this the first home in Wisconsin to install a telephone.


Seeley G. Mudd Library: The Lawrence library was originally named the Carnegie Library. In the next two renovations to expand the library, the extensions were actually built around the old library, which is what causes the partial floors now found in the Mudd Library.


Sabin House: During it’s first years on Lawrence campus, this house was originally owned by Beta Sigma Pi and then bought by Lawrence. Similarly to the President’s home, this house was also used as a women’s dorm. The house is currently home to Greenfire theme house.


Phi Kappa Tau House: Mr. Wood, the original owner, was one of the first people to have this house lit by a hydroelectric power station. Today, the house is used as the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house.


International House: This home was originally owned by Henry Smith, president of the First National Band and president of the Riverside Fiber and Paper Company. Due to his interest in electricity, Smith’s home was the first to have electricity from a commercial electric plant.


Sampson House: This house was originally created for the presidents of Lawrence University by well-known architect William Waters. The house faced demolition when Youngchild Hall was built, but instead, was simply moved 35 feet over to make room.


President’s Home: In the Queen Anne Style, this home was originally owned by George W. Jones. After this home was acquired by Lawrence, it was used as a women’s dormitory. After this, Lawrence’s youngest president, Douglas Knight, moved into the house along with his family.


Wilson House: This house was originally owned by President of the Appleton Chair Company Peter R. Thom. Later, it was bought and named after alumna Elizabeth Wilson. It is now the current location for the Development office.





Stephen Scarff House


Seeley G. Mudd Library


Sabin House


Phi Kappa Tau House


International House


Sampson House


President’s Home


Wilson House


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