Lawrentians Abroad

This is a photo of me at the end of the Olympic course where The Boys in the Boat raced and won in the 1936 Olympics! You can see the stadium in the background. We are also sculling, which has proven to blow my mind every single week!


Bailey Reiners is a junior studying abroad in Germany as a part of the Language and Area Studies program. Here is a bit about her experience there.


I am studying in Berlin, Germany and I live with a host family in the ‘hip’ neighborhood of Berlin called Kreuzberg, where there are lots of bars, clubs and cafes.


My primary goal as a student here is to improve my German, which is fairly easy having all of my classes in German, but I am also experiencing German culture through interacting with the locals. Every week on Tuesday, I commute an hour south to the Langer See to row with a local rowing team.


It is probably my favorite part of most weeks, because I get to row on the 1936 Olympic course with a bunch of older German men, who only speak German with thick accents.


Also, after every practice, it is tradition that everyone go to the bar on the second floor of the boat house for dinner and drinks, and they have really welcomed me as family.