What’s in your bag?

What are the three most important things in your backpack right now?

Senior Tahnee Marquardt: So it’s a tea infuser, a Frisbee and a little bucket with different spices in it.

Do you carry these with you often?

TM: Yes, all the time.

Can you explain a little about why you have these things with you?

TM: Because I love tea, and I love being able to whip out my Frisbee and play with anyone on campus, I think you should always have one. And you can use it as a plate, too. It’s very versatile. The spices are kind of in there by accident, but they’ve been in there since I got the backpack, because I got it free with the bag so I just kind of kept them in there. But then I realized that I actually use them on a regular basis. I think it’s supposed to be for camping, like a spice keychain, but I end up using them a lot.



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