Will a new number one appear in the professional boxing world?

For the last ten years, any conversation about boxing centered around Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, so when the two finally agreed to fight this past May, it was billed as the fight of the century. To say the fight did not live up to the hype could be the understatement of the century. It was a fight that had hardly any action and left almost every fan disappointed.

Floyd Mayweather fought one more time on Sept. 12 in a fight practically nobody cared about and then announced his retirement. Hopefully, he stays retired, because the good side to all of this is now that that fight is out of the way, the boxing world can turn its attention to other deserving fighters. And now is a very exciting time, with competitive matchups throughout boxing. So who will take over as boxing’s superstar?

The most exciting division in the sport is the middleweight division. The true middleweight champion right now is Miguel Cotto. He has gone through a career resurgence under trainer Freddie Roach and has climbed his way back to the top and claimed the middleweight title by beating Sergio Martinez in the biggest win of his career. He could top that on Nov. 21 when he takes on Canelo Alvarez.

This mega-matchup is a potential fight – of – the—year contender because it is guaranteed to have action. Canelo has established himself as a big money maker and is not afraid to take on anyone. These are two huge names clashing and should make for a great match.

On top of this, the winner is signed to fight against Gennady Golovkin in their next fight. If you haven’t heard of this guy yet, look him up on YouTube. He is a knockout machine who has a fearless action-packed style. He is, in my opinion, the best boxer pound for pound in the world right now. He just got a total knockout (TKO ) against David Lemieux, in what was supposed to be his toughest test to date, and he looked as if he wasn’t touched. This is who I’m picking to come out on top of the division when it’s all said and done, but all three fighters are must see attractions.

Another fighter to be on the lookout for is Terrence Crawford. He has been on a roll lately and his latest KO victory against Dierry Jean has set him up to possibly face Manny Pacquiao in Pacquiao’s retirement fight.

Crawford is clearly above and beyond the rest of the competition in his weight division, and if he can land a fight with Pacquiao and beat him in an impressive fashion, he could establish himself as the star of this new era.