Athletes of the week

Alyssa Onan

(Photo courtesy of Max Zlevor)

Max Zlevor: Tennis

1) Do you prefer singles or doubles?

I love playing doubles, because with two people on the court there’s twice the amount of energy.

2) Who is your favorite professional player? Why?

Ever since I first saw Rafael Nadal play, he has become my favorite player. I have never seen a tennis player bring so much enthusiasm and determination. I guess his nickname suits him: “The Matador.”

3) What are the team’s goals for the season? How are you working to accomplish these goals?

Our team is fairly young this year with only one senior, and we’re in the rebuilding process coming off of a record-breaking season last year, so our main goal this season has been keeping our heads up and maintaining positive attitudes. The only thing lacking right now is experience. We have the talent.

4) What is your favorite part of being on the LU tennis team?

Like most athletes, my favorite part about playing LU tennis is the team itself. We’ve grown really close and it’s fun to watch people’s game mature as the season progresses. I’m excited to see how this season ends up.

5) How did you prepare for this season in the offseason?

I work as a full time tennis instructor at a club in Madison, and I also work as a counselor at Nike Tennis Camp for three weeks of the summer.

John Pechan: Golf

1) Describe your perfect game of golf.

A perfect round of golf for me would be to have all aspects of the game such as putting, driving accuracy and ball striking in good form.

2) How are you building off the fall season for success this spring?

To get better you have to practice. Unfortunately schoolwork does not always allow you to get out and play. If I can get out two or three times a week prior to a tournament I will be able to follow up fall season.

3) Is it hard to get back into it after the winter and not being able to play much? Why or why not?

Yeah, it is. I was fortunate enough to play okay for my first event, but inconsistency was shown in the Carroll invitational and that is what I need to work on.

4) If you could play a round with any professional player, who would it be and why?

Probably Bubba Watson, because he bombs the ball and that would be fun to watch.

5) Would you rather hit a perfect putt or a perfect long shot? Why?

Perfect putt. I have struggled all year at putting except for the Wisconsin Lutheran tourney, and if I can’t putt, I wont go low.

(Photo courtesy of John Pechan)