Athletes of the Week: Alyssa Onan, David Dulak, Tyler Crisman


Alyssa Onan

Psychology Major


            It’s tough to choose the most memorable moments, but the bigger moments definitely stick out. Winning the conference tournament at Carroll and playing in the NCAA tournament are definitely some of my favorite memories. The moment that time ran out in the game against Carroll is probably the best on-the-field memory that I have. After playing the toughest and the longest game of my life, having the time run out with us beating one of our biggest rivals was an amazing feeling. Otherwise, most of my favorite memories aren’t big wins or cool plays or anything like that. Some of the best memories I have from my soccer experience aren’t necessarily even related to soccer. I’ve gained a family from the team, and the memories that I have from getting so close to them are the ones that will really stick with me. The pre-game dance parties in the locker room, trips to Bj***ö***rklunden, ice cream socials with the men’s team, and warm fuzzies are all things that I will remember forever and that I am grateful to have been able to experience.

            Obviously I am going to miss being able to play competitive soccer, its been a huge part of my life for a very long time. I’m going to miss the competition and the excitement of playing. I am definitely also going to miss preseason — it has definitely been something that I look forward to every year. While the workouts are long and exhausting, there is nothing better than spending three to four weeks doing nothing but playing soccer and hanging out with your best friends.

            As for the future, I am taking some time off before going back to school. I’ll be working as a nanny and coaching soccer for a year before I go to nursing school to become a mental health nurse.




David Dulak

Biochemistry and Spanish Major


Some of my favorite swimming memories come from the California and Florida training trips, where you’re able to wear shorts and a t-shirt in December, and playing capture the flag at Bj***ö***rklunden. My favorite meet memories are making the Top 8 at conference last year and swimming on the A medley relays my senior year. I will miss the team camaraderie, both in and out of the pool, though I will definitely not miss the 7 a.m. workouts. Although my competitive swimming days are most likely over, I will continue to swim recreationally in the future while studying to be a pharmacist at UW-Madison.


Tyler Crisman

Psychology Major


             My favorite experiences and memories from my career don’t come from on the court. They are mostly from the trips to Bj****ö***rklunden. It is just us up there and we really bond as a team. There are countless stories from there that range from fake fights to Oreo Cakesters. Our coach, who is an alumnus, always said no one will remember what you did on the court, but they will always remember the memories you made off the court with your teammates, and I’ve learned to believe that.

What I’ll miss most is the competition. There is nothing comparable to college athletics when it comes to that, especially at the D3 level. We never play in front of huge crowds or get nationwide recognition. Everyone plays because they love to compete. Playing in men’s leagues at the Y for the rest of my career just won’t be good enough.

I have no definite plans for the future, yet. I will be moving back to Chicago this summer. I’m currently looking for jobs in the city and hope to find one soon.