What’s On Your iPod? Matt Cawley ’13

Matt Cawley

1) Brand New Day by Joshua Radin
This song is just a constant reminder that life continues regardless of the epic shitstorm that can be the Lawrence schedule. Everything is so compact and there is so much pressure; it’s nice to know that the world doesn’t stop due to bad grades or failed relationships or the day-to-day stress that college can cause.

2) We Run by Sugarland
Sugarland will be my first installment of reasons to listen to country. I love the stories that country musicians tell, and they have an Americana feel that I am drawn to. Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, the two members of Sugarland, use simple examples of everyday events to relate to their listeners, emphasizing a sense of reckless abandon and zeal for life that I enjoy.

3) Rabiosa (ft. Pitbull) by Shakira
When I was abroad in Spain this past fall, my host mom had the news on the television at every lunch and dinner. Shakira came on the news at least once every other day. This song has both nostalgic value as well as wonderful rhythm, so when I have spontaneous dance parties during homework, this song is often at the top of my list.

4) Storm Warning by Hunter Hayes
Hunter Hayes should have won new artist of the year at the ACM Awards for this song. Not only is it a song that even diehard country haters enjoy, but this 20-year-old star (whom, surprisingly, I don’t hate for being super successful at a young age) recorded all the musical parts of this song and wrote the lyrics. Yep, he plays guitar, drums, bass, keys, and sings. What.

5) Boondocks by Little Big Town
A modern country classic full of 4 part harmonies and not giving a shit about what anyone thinks about where you came from. This song was my gateway drug into country.

6) Ramalama (Bang Bang) by Róisín Murphy
For those spontaneous dance parties that I mentioned earlier, this song holds a special place on my list. Inspired by the outrageous choreography of Wade Robson, I tend to pretend that I am some sort of weird puppet zombie when I listen to this song. Look it up.

7) Summer Nights by Rascal Flatts

8) First Born After Coma by Explosions in the Sky
I just recently discovered Explosions in the Sky, so for all of those hipsters that liked them before I did, good on ya. Explosions in the Sky creates excellent music without the ubiquitous lyrics of modern music. They are wonderful to listen to as background noise during homework or naptime, or as a nice chill accompaniment to hanging out on the porch, the quad, or Main Hall green.

9) Talent by Stephen Sondheim
This song is from Bounce. It is one of my audition pieces and an abbreviated version of my life.

10) Fake ID (ft. Gretchen Wilson) by Big & Rich
My final installment of country music for **The Lawrentian** – while I no longer need a fake ID, I still enjoy the sentiment of breaking the rules. This song is also in the newest screen version of “Footloose”, and has a featured line dance. I taught myself to do that line dance during winter term.