“General Admission”

SCENE. Small, rustic bar. A stage is set up near the front. About 15 people are in the bar. LORRINE is sitting at a table by herself.


LORRINE: Alright, Lorrine, no stealing tonight. You are here to enjoy yourself.

The lights dim, as the opening band begins to play, a man sits at LORRINE’s table. She finds out that his name is Ian.

IAN: Buy you a drink?

LORRINE eyes the watch on his left arm glinting in the low light.

LORRINE: No, thank you. I’m just here to enjoy music.

IAN: You got here too early, then.

He smiles and leans back. Stretching his arms, he inadvertently pushes his wallet up out of his shirt pocket.

LORRINE: Really, I’m fine. You don’t have to stay here, Ian.

He leans forward. His wallet slides out more.

IAN: Grinning. You sure?

LORRINE: Stands abruptly. I’m gonna go to the bathroom.

IAN: Faltering. Uh, okay. I can show you where it’s at?

LORRINE: No, it’s fine. I’ve been here before. She hurries away.

IAN: Mumbling. It’s actually the other way.

LORRINE: How dare he come and sit at my table? Flashing his expensiveness everywhere? On my off-night?

She exits into an alley. The sun is setting, but it is still bright outside.

LORRINE: Deep breaths, Lor. Deep breaths.

She paces for a few minutes before re-entering the bar. The first band is finishing a song as she reclaims her table. IAN is gone.

LORRINE: Well, at least this band doesn’t completely suck. The bar is suddenly filled with the chatter. Whoo, doors have opened.

People spill in around LORRINE. Some go to the stage, others stay in the back. A woman approaches her.

AIDEN: Hey, Lorrine!

LORRINE: Smiling. Aiden! How are you?

AIDEN: Sighs. Short-staffed. How would you like to be employed for a night?

LORRINE: I would like nothing better.

AIDEN: Come on, then.

She follows AIDEN behind the bar.

AIDEN: Remember when you used to sneak in here as a teenager?

LORRINE: Ah, my glory days.

AIDEN: Yeah, you were more adorable back then.

LORRINE: Watch it.

AIDEN: Laughing. Just teasing. I only need you to serve sodas, beers, wine coolers. You know, bottled drinks. Jeff should be here soon enough to bartend.

LORRINE: Sounds good to me.

AIDEN: I’ll leave you to it, darling.

1 Hour Later.

LORRINE: Laughing. Pay up, I won fair and square.

PATRON: Grumbling. Yeah, yeah. He hands her two 20s, and walks away shaking his head.

JEFF: Are you stealing from these lovely concert-goers?

LORRINE: Scoffs. No, it’s my off night. I’m just making small wagers and collecting my dues.

JEFF: Rolling his eyes. Tell me you’re not betting on the lights.

LORRINE shrugs.

JEFF: You are a bona fide criminal, Lorrine.

LORRINE: Why, thank you, Jeffrey.

JEFF: One day we’re going to fix these lights, and you won’t be able to trick people out of their money.

LORRINE: Smirking. Want to bet on it?




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