Window Scene “Main Street”

Excerpts from an overactive imagination.

SETTING, Crowded street, around lunchtime. LORRINE and ETTA are walking arm in arm. They are constantly running into, and being jostled by passersby.

LORRINE: We should go to that new place.

She is jostled by an indifferent man in a suit.

ETTA: No. Let’s just go to Guy’s.

LORRINE: I was there Saturday. You were there yesterday. We spent our entire high school lives there. It’s the same place no matter how many times we go.

ETTA: Exactly!

LORRINE: Shaking her head. You’ve got to leave your comfort zone, Etta! She shakes her arm. Live a little.

ETTA: Sidestepping a group of businesswomen. I am very much alive, thank you.

LORRINE: Oh, you know that’s not what I mean.

ETTA: What do you mean, Lorrine?

LORRINE: Rolling her eyes. We can’t stay in the same place forever.

ETTA: Why not?

LORRINE: Because you can’t grow that way, Etta! You c—

ETTA: Interrupting. I have grown immensely since high school.

LORRINE: That’s normal growth, I’m talking about real growth.

ETTA: Shaking her head. I’m sorry, Lorrine, but I disagree.

LORRINE: Sighing. Of course you do. Everyone does.

They reach the end of the street.

ETTA: I reckon I nabbed about $50.

LORRINE: I’m probably in the same boat. We might as well go to Guy’s. We can’t afford anywhere else.

ETTA: I knew you would come around.

LORRINE: Slyly. And I know how much you want to see Ryan.

ETTA: Gasps. That had absolutely nothing to do with anything.

LORRINE: Sure, sweetie. And we both have honest jobs for a living.

ETTA swats at LORRINE while LORRINE laughs. A CHILD approaches them.

CHILD: Excuse me, miss.

ETTA: How can we help you, sweetheart?

CHILD: Well, actually, it’s my dad that needs help. LORRINE raises an eyebrow. You see, he’s really shy, but he thinks you Points at LORRINE. are very pretty.

LORRINE: Why did he send you over here?

CHILD: He’s scared that he would intimidate you.

LORRINE: Dryly. Is that so?

CHILD: Nodding. Yep. He’s right over there.

LORRINE looks to where the CHILD is indicating. Her eyes grow wide as they settle on the man. He’s trying to lean against an abandoned pole, but it doesn’t quite work because he towers over it. His shoulders are hunched in an attempt to shrink himself, but he seems to be at least 6’6.

ETTA: Wow.

He notices them staring and waves feebly. The movement causes him to lose his balance and awkwardly flails as he tries to right himself. LORRINE sighs fondly.

LORRINE: I guess I can at least go talk to him.

The CHILD beams, running excitedly to the man.

ETTA: You are such a softy.

LORRINE: Oh, you are still on the hook, don’t worry.

ETTA: Ignoring LORRINE. Here he comes! He’s adorable for a giant.