World News

Compiled by Suzanne Hones


Seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the same star were found by scientists, as published in the journal Nature this Wednesday. These planets all have the potential to support life, being temperate and similar in size to Earth. A group of planets of this size orbiting the same star have never been found like this before.



The Law Commission of India is distributing a survey that asks whether or not to ban triple talaq, a controversial Islamic practice where a man divorces a woman by saying this Arabic word for divorce three times. Several countries with majority Muslim populations have banned the practice. A recent campaign has gained momentum in banning talaq in India and hopes to be successful.



While working on an English harbor, crew members found an unexploded World War II German bomb stuck in mud at the bottom of the seabed. It was detonated after authorities delicately pulled it out and took it to open water. It contained 290 pounds of explosives.


South Korea

An unidentified employee of power from robotics firm ABB was noticed missing along with $100 million this week. The employee disappeared almost two weeks ago, but the money was not noted until after the employee’s disappearance. Forging of documents and working with outside accomplices are suspected of the missing employee.



Marie Le Pen’s chief of staff, Catherine Griset, was formally investigated for allegations of concealment of breach of trust. She, along with Le Pen’s bodyguard, Thierry Legier, are alleged to have been paid for jobs at the European Union that they did not have. This comes in the thick of Le Pen’s campaign for the French presidency.