Window Scene “Appointment”

Excerpts from an overactive imagination.


SETTING: Studio apartment. It is midday. LORRAINE is sitting at the kitchen island. LORRAINE: 75… 80… 83. Frick, that’s not enough. She sighs I really wanted that camera, too. Oh well, guess I’ll pay my rent instead.

Knock on the door.

LORRAINE: No one’s home!

ETTA: Muffled exasperation Lorraine!

LORRAINE: Oh, fine. She opens the door What brings you here on this outstanding Saturday?

ETTA: Crosses arms You know why I’m here, Lorraine.

LORRAINE: Yeah, but pretending I don’t is so much fun.

ETTA: Are you ready?

LORRAINE: Yeah, yeah. Stop rushing me.

ETTA: I wouldn’t need to if you didn’t take forever…

LORRAINE: Wait! I need to show you something.

ETTA: Warning Lorraine…

LORRAINE: You’re gonna love it! Come on!

She runs to a corner in the apartment. ETTA watches, impatient.


She holds up two ball gowns.

ETTA: You didn’t!

LORRAINE: Smiling Of course I did.

ETTA grabs one of the gowns.

ETTA: Oh, this is gorgeous.

LORRAINE: They’ll be perfect for this weekend. But, of course, there are other things we’ll have to get as well. Heels, earrings-

ETTA: Lorraine.

LORRAINE: Wristlets, oh! Tiny purses-

ETTA: Lorraine…

LORRAINE: And we can’t forget going somewhere for our hair-

ETTA: Lorraine!

LORRAINE: What, Etta?! Can’t you hear I’m trying to plan?

ETTA: I know what you’re doing.

LORRAINE: Planning?

ETTA: Annoyed We need to go, now.

LORRAINE: Defeated Fine.

She grabs her purse and walks toward the door.

ETTA: Great. Next time, I’m sending Jeffrey.

LORRAINE: For what?

They leave the apartment. LORRAINE locks the door.

ETTA: It would be funny if anything.

LORRAINE: Firmly There won’t be a next time.

ETTA: Lorraine, you have to go to the dentist every six months.

LORRAINE: Covering her ears La la la, I can’t hear you.

ETTA shakes her head.