Window scene “Shopping”

Excerpts from an overactive imagination.

SCENE: Whole Foods store. Relatively empty, Lorraine is pushing a cart around as MATT follows.

MATT: Whining Why did you wake me up for this?

LORRAINE ignores him.

MATT: It’s 8 o’clock in the morning, Lor. Why did you wake me up for this?

MATT: Lor—

LORRAINE: Matthew, I will castrate you.

MATT purses his lips.

LORRAINE: You don’t have any food. You know you don’t have any food. She turns to face him Why don’t you have any food?

MATT: Shrugging You have food.

LORRAINE frowns.

LORRAINE: No, I don’t have food. You ate my food, Matthew. She turns away and grabs something off the shelf So now you’re buying your own.

MATT: Oh, why didn’t you say that before?

LORRAINE rolls her eyes.

MATT: Hey! Wait, how am I gonna buy this? I don’t have any money.

LORRAINE: That’s not my problem, Matthew. I have jobs lined up for you, but you’re too chicken to take them.

MATT: Seri—

LORRAINE gasps and ducks behind a soup display.

MATT: What are you doing, Lorraine?

LORRAINE: *Whispering as she spider-walks behind MATT Did he see me?

MATT: Did who? What, Lorraine? He scans the store

LORRAINE: Hitting his leg Shhh, don’t look!

MATT: Shh? Raine, what is wrong with you?

LORRAINE: Nothing. Let’s go… check out! Let’s check out.

LORRAINE crawls back down the aisle as MATT looks on with exasperation.

MATT: Raine, I am not walking out of here with you crawling like that.

LORRAINE: Come on, Matthew. We just have to go!

MATT: The cart is still empty, though.

LORRAINE: Ah, well, we can come back later.

MATT: Hmm, I have never seen you this nervous before.

LORRAINE: You’ve known me for, like, two months.

MATT: Four.

LORRAINE: Same difference.

MATT: Ohhhhh….

LORRAINE: Stops crawling What?

MATT smiles.

MATT: Hello, Ian.

LORRAINE scrambles to get up and leans against a shelf.

IAN: Hey, Matt. Lorraine.

LORRAINE: Hiya! We were just leaving.

IAN: Oh. Uh, bye, I guess.

MATT: Actually, we need a few more things, right Lorraine?

LORRAINE: Nope, I said we were just leaving. Ten seconds ago. That statement still stands.

MATT: How about I go grab it, and you keep Ian company.

LORRAINE: Matthew-

MATT: I’ll be right back.

He leaves.

IAN: So, how ha-

LORRAINE: Matt was wrong. I have to go. See you later.

She walks away quickly, exiting the store.

IAN: Okay, then. Guess I’ll continue shopping.