Window Scene “The Art of Lying”

SCENE: Swimming pool. Lorraine is sitting alone on the steps in the water, but talking on the phone.

LORRAINE: Yes, Mom, I know.

LORRAINE’S MOM: Muffled Oh, but sometimes I worry about you. All alone in a big city by yourself.

LORRAINE: It’s not that big. Besides, I rarely go out anyway. You know, because I’m studying.

LM: Yes, of course. How are your classes? Is finance still giving you trouble?

LORRAINE: Who? Me? No, I got through that ages ago. My professor says I’m on track to finish with an A.

LM: That’s wonderful, honey! I knew you could do it.

LORRAINE: Well, I get all of my hard work and dedication from you, mom.

LM: Oh, stop it, Lor. But really, I am proud of you.

LORRAINE: Sighs Actually, Mom, I have to go now.

LM: Oh?

LORRAINE: Yep, just remembered I need to finish something and submit it tonight.

LM: Oh yeah, you had better get that done.

LORRAINE: Uh huh, I will, Mom. Bye!

LM: Love you.

LORRAINE: Love you, too.

LORRAINE hangs up and takes a deep breath. Her phone rings.


ETTA: How did the monthly go?

LORRAINE: Oh you know, I said some things, spun some tales. Said a little too much, but everything was a lie so it doesn’t really matter.

ETTA: That well, huh?

LORRAINE: So it goes.

ETTA: If you don’t like it, why don’t you drop the act?

LORRAINE: Ugh, Etta, you don’t understand. If I don’t get an education, I’m a nobody.

ETTA: But you’re not getting an education…

LORRAINE: Yeah, but my mom doesn’t know that.

ETTA: Okay, but, you’re supposed to graduate in, like, a year. How you gonna fake that?

LORRAINE: Gosh, Etta, do you even know me? I’m doing as well in finance as I thought. Some other class didn’t work out either. I have to take them over the summer at a community college, and they give me my degree there. No bells and whistles.

ETTA: And your mom’s gonna go for that?

LORRAINE: If I push really hard, yes, she will.

ETTA: Alright, alright. Do your thing, Raine. I’ve got to go, though.

LORRAINE: Yeah, yeah, have fun at your college party.

ETTA: See you soon. She hangs up.

LORRAINE: I’ll be doing my thing.