Off-season practice in full swing

The men’s soccer team and women’s volleyball team may be in their off-seasons right now, but they are still practicing hard and looking forward to their upcoming fall seasons with high expectations!

Sophomore Arianna Neumeyer said, “It’s always exciting getting back onto the court and improving our skills. We’ve been working hard this off-season in the weight room with Coach Ayers. Spring season is mainly to work on our individual skills and improve our fundamentals before fall season comes around. We have almost everyone returning from last season and also five incoming freshmen for a total of 17 for the 2017 season. This team has been playing together for two seasons now and we have learned to play next to each other and gain trust on and off the court.”

Arianna also mentioned the upcoming fall season and the goals the team has in order to push themselves even further. “This past season we made it to the conference tournament for the first time in Lawrence history. We all hope to do the same in the fall of 2017, and it is even in our reach to win the tournament as long as we continue to work hard. We are all excited to start the next season and showcase all the hard work and time we have put into the volleyball program. It looks like Lawrence can expect even greater things from the volleyball team this upcoming year.”

The men’s soccer team also has high hopes for their fast approaching fall season. Senior Max Loebl said, “Spring season has been a rollercoaster ride of emotional energy. We have 8 talented recruits geared up to play next season. The boys are hungry for success and big dogs gotta eat.”

Returning player and sophomore Ryan Leonard said of the season, “We have had some new players join the team during spring season so it has been nice to get to know them better on and off the field. I have enjoyed playing in Banta Bowl again and preparing for the alumni game this Saturday (make sure to check it out!). With eight incoming freshmen, there is a lot to look forward to next season.”

With fresh recruits and a solid spring season, the soccer team is looking to be in great shape for their fall season.