Window scene “The Art of Lying”

Excerpts from an overactive imagination.


SCENE: Hazy bar. Very intimidating bikers and truckers are milling about. LORRAINE is smiling, MATT looks like he’s going to throw up.

MATT: Shaking his head No, nope, I do not want to do this anymore. Nuh uh.

LORRAINE: Stop freaking out and follow me.

MATT: I am not a fighter, Raine. I will leave–

LORRAINE: Georgie! How are you?

GEORGIE: Well I’m alright, little lady. Who’s this sick-looking fella with ya?

LORRAINE: This is Matthew, he’s my business partner.

GEORGIE: Howdy, Matthew. Why don’t you two follow me?

He leads them to a metal door at the end of the bar. He knocks two times, and it is opened. He walks through, LORRAINE follows closely, grabbing MATT as he lags behind.

MATT: Ow, you’re cutting off my circulation.

LORRAINE: Don’t be such a baby.

GEORGIE: Here she is! In the most pristine condition I could get her in. Almost brand new.

LORRAINE: Oh, Georgie, she’s beautiful! You’ve outdone yourself.

MATT: In awe She’s not kidding.

LORRAINE: I told you this would work, Matthew. Especially now.

MATT: Yeah, yeah. You’re right, I’m wrong.

GEORGIE: I can get my guys to deliver it on Saturday-

LORRAINE: No! I mean, can they deliver it tomorrow or Wednesday? We’d like to have it in advance, really set up the scene.

GEORGIE: Smiling You always were such a perfectionist. Of course, Lor. We’ll have it at your location by 11.

LORRAINE hugs him.

LORRAINE: You’re the best, Georgie.

MATT: Nodding Yeah, man, thank you so much.

GEORGIE: You can thank me when I finally see what you’re using her for!

LORRAINE: Don’t worry, Georgie, you know you’re going to get the best part.

GEORGIE: I had better!