What’s on your iPod?

Alex Trier

Instead of my default “I’m gonna go meet Peter at the park” playlist, I thought I’d hit shuffle this time. All songs are in the honest order they appeared, with the exception of the omitted “Pretty Boy Swag.” IHRTLUHC.

1. OutKast, “Elevators”

OutKast is hands down my favorite rap group ever. This song is super chill and in true OutKast fashion, is about a Cadillac. Clearly, this track is only appropriate for driving.

2. Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, “Harry You’re a Beast”

This song is incredible. Zappa’s mix of spastic sound effects and sarcastic lyrics is pure brilliance. The entire album is a hilarious satire of the 1960s San Francisco flower power scene. In my opinion, this is one of the best albums of all time.

3. My Bloody Valentine, “You Made Me Realise”

This band is the epitome of ‘90s shoe-gaze or “dream pop.” Call it what you will, but a healthy dose of reverb and breathy Irish female vocals are sure to please.

4) Raekwon, “Criminology”

Raekwon > your favorite rapper.

5) 311, “Come Original”

One of my high school crushes used to blast this song in his Ford Probe, which had a full bodykit, neon underglow lights and a three-foot spoiler. Classic northeast Wisconsin style.

6) Plutocracy, “Operation Stingray”

What do you get when you combine grindcore, skate thrash and psychedelic with poorly-placed Police and David Bowie samples? Plutocracy!

7) Songs from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, “Dirty Socks”

I absolutely adore the shocking and surreal comedy of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. After I caught this show on [Adult Swim] a few years ago, my views on sketch comedy changed forever. This song is a Kidz Bop-inspired segment featuring an inconsequential rhyme about a child wearing his dad’s dirty socks on his hands. Literally, any serious critique would not do this song any justice.

8) Project Pat, “Don’t Call Me No Mo”

When he’s not incarcerated for firearm possession, you can always turn to Project Pat to supply an angry in-your-face chorus and dirty south snare rolls. I’m been a long-time fan of his since the early works of Three 6 Mafia, and he never fails to entertain me.

9) Salem, “Sick”

Salem is one of the most groundbreaking groups of 2010. This song, among others on their debut album, is the strangest thing to come out in a while. This group has successfully coined the phrase “witch house” and my personal favorite: “crunk shoegaze.” It falls in line with a plethora of sub-genres to satisfy those who label things compulsively — myself included. “Sick” combines elements of chopped and screwed rap, electro and ghostly vocals. These are all of my favorite things.