Athlete of the Week: Leah Reeves

Photo by Emei Thompson

This week I had the pleasure talking with junior Leah Reeves, a member of the women’s basketball team. In the last couple of weeks, Reeves has been an instrumental piece in the team’s last three wins in six games.


Shane Farrell: How does it feel not only to beat a conference rival [Beloit College] but to also play well yourself?


Leah Reeves: It is truly a great feeling. Words cannot describe how exciting it is to be able to beat teams that we have lost to for years. It is amazing to finally see the results of what we have been working toward for so long.

SF: Tell me about the team attitude and morale with only nine games left.


LR: We are thrilled with the improvement we have made this season, but we are driven for more. We are looking forward to making a statement in conference with our last games. This year is only the beginning, and we plan on proving that with our last nine games.

SF: Last year, you were the only true post player. How has the transition been adding [freshman] Kenya [Earl] and [sophomore] Shonell [Benjamin] into the mix?


LR: The transition has been incredibly smooth. Both [Earl and Benjamin] are great players and teammates. I could not have asked for a better pair of players to join the post position.

SF: Have you felt like you’ve been able to be a mentor for them at that position?


LR: I think I’ve been able to provide guidance when necessary. They are two naturally-talented players, and they are quick-learners on their own. They have not required much help, but I have been able to give tips as needed.

SF: Your playing style since freshman year has seemed to evolve. You’re more aggressive and have been getting the ball more. What do you work on in practice to hone in on your skills?


LR: An important aspect of playing well in basketball is being able to respond to your defender. I generally practice reading my defender and making the best decision based off of what they are doing. Sometimes it is a certain post move, or it is looking to kick the ball out to one of my teammates. Working on that in practice makes the game-time decisions easier and allows me to cut down on mistakes I make during games.

SF: You’ll be the only senior next season. What mentality do you want to bring with you in your final year on the court?


LR: I want to further the progress that this program has made in the last four years. The current seniors have been instrumental in the strides we’ve made this year. I only hope to continue to better the team and the program as they have. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I have had these last three years, and I can’t wait to see what the team can accomplish the rest of this season and next year.