Fly on the Wall “Heart Break”


Jared got his heart broken today. And it wasn’t even a clean break. It tore and fragmented and spattered and bled red, dead love.

It hurt an awful lot.

His love wasn’t supposed to be outside for all the world to see. His love was Alex’s love and now it was no more. And Jared really wishes Alex hadn’t done that. He wishes that Alex had talked to him first, at least, had given him a heads up. He wishes Alex had given him some kind of a warning before he tore himself out and left his spot vacant.

But Alex hadn’t.

And now, Jared is open and emptying.

Jared is half and losing rapidly.

He is scared.

And you know what? He’s angry, too.

He’s hurt and betrayed and he’s still bleeding, and he doesn’t know how to make it stop and no one, nobody, not a single person has stopped to ask him if he is okay.

They just keep walking, and Jared gets it now. He gets how people can die from broken hearts: no one cares enough to stitch them back up.

“Yo, dude, you okay?”

Jared’s eyes widen. He looks up from his place on the ground into the concerned face of a stranger. “I- no I am not. How could you tell?” His voice trembles.

The stranger grimaces, and Jared is beginning to notice the panic in his face. “It’s a lot of blood, man.”

Jared sighs, “Yeah, I got my heart broken.”

The stranger shifts, “Shouldn’t you- don’t you need to get that checked out? Like at a hospital or something?”

Jared laughs, who was this stranger? “No, I have to let it kill me, duh. Not like I have any other choice.”

The stranger’s eyes dart back and forth. No one else has stopped to intervene. The stranger steps back, and back, and back. “Uh, uh, uh, okay, then? Take it easy, man.”

Jared smiles. “You, too. Your existence in the universe is so very valuable. Thank you.”

The stranger forces a smile. Then practically runs away.

Jared chuckles. The pain is nearly gone now, it won’t be long.

He can’t wait to haunt Alex.