World News

Compiled by Stephanie Meyer


On Tuesday, May 1, suicide bombers in the northeast Nigerian town of Mubi killed at least 27 and injured 56 people through two blasts. The victims were Muslim worshipers at a mosque preparing for afternoon prayers. The two blasts detonated within and nearby the mosque, the second at a nearby market where many of the victims of the first attack fled to. Currently no terrorist group has claimed instigation of the attack, although it is suspected to be the work of Boko Haram, which has conducted similar attacks in the past in the same location. Boko Haram has led violent attacks in northern Nigeria since 2009 in attempts to convert it to an Islamic State and has caused the death of approximately 20,000 people and displaced 2 million. (BBC)


As of Tuesday, May 1, 42 gymnasts have accused the former coach of Brazil’s national team, Fernando de Carvalho Lopes, of sexual abuse. Upon the surfacing of these allegations, Lopes was removed from his position in 2016 before the year’s Olympics. According to Lopes in a TV Globo interview, he has never sexually abused anyone. However, on Monday, Lopes was additionally removed from his position from training minors after 20 years at the MESC of Sao Bernardo do Compo Club. The prosecutor’s office is currently looking into the allegations. (BBC)

Korean Peninsula

On Tuesday, May 1, both North and South Korea began the dismantling of loudspeakers they had positioned at the border for decades that blared propaganda against each other. This is following the recent summit between the two in efforts of reconciliation. North Korea has additionally agreed to set their time forward by thirty minutes on Saturday, May 5, in order to be congruent with South Korea. Current anticipated events regarding North Korea include scheduled meetings between the U.S. and North Korean presidents later this year. (NBC)


Northern Ireland

As of Tuesday, May 1, Northern Ireland business Ashers Baking Co. has received their request for a hearing with the supreme court to overturn a verdict of discriminatory practice against them as determined by lower courts in regard to the company refusing to ice a cake with the slogan “Support Gay Marriage” in 2014. The Christian bakers claim that they will happily bake a cake for any customer, however they will not ice any product with ideas that go against their religious beliefs. (BBC)


This past Tuesday, Australian Cardinal George Pell was charged and declared to stand trial for sexual abuse allegations regarding acts that occurred decades ago. Pell has taken a leave of absence from his position in the church but intends to return once the trial ends if he is found not guilty. Pope Francis has not required Pell to resign from his post and has stated he will hold judgement until the court has determined theirs. Francis is additionally receiving scrutiny as Pell was promoted to his position with simultaneous allegations that he had mishandled reports of sexual abuse by clergy authorities. Pell is currently released on bail. The number of charges against Pell has not been disclosed but approximately half were dismissed due to unsatisfactory evidence. The investigation into abuse by Pell began in 2013 and the first victim to approach law enforcement did so in 2015. Pell’s lawyer is arguing that Pell is being targeted for the church’s mishandling of sexual abuse cases regarding clerics, however there is no evidence to support this theory. (CBS)