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On Wednesday, Sept. 26, China’s State Councilor and Minister for Foreign Affairs Wang Yi denied President Donald Trump’s claim that China is trying to interfere in November’s midterm election with the goal of disrupting him politically. At the United Nations Security Council, President Trump stated that China mediates against him and his administration because he is the first President to challenge China on trade. In addition, President Trump later claimed in a tweet that Chinese publications have posted negative comments about him. Yi responded, “China has followed the principle of non-intervention into domestic affairs in other countries. We do not and will not interfere in any countries’ domestic affairs. We refuse to accept any unwarranted accusations toward China, and we call upon all countries not to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs.” (CNN)



The island of Sulawesi was hit by 7.5-magnitude earthquake that triggered a tsunami on Friday, Sept. 28. Water smashed into buildings and destroyed homes in the coastal cities of Palu and Nusa Tenggara Timur. A series of aftershock quakes were reported in the aftermath of the earthquake, including a 5.8 magnitude tremor just 12 minutes later. Currently, the death toll stands at 1,347. It was difficult for officials to assess the damage in Sulawesi, because electricity and communications had been cut off. “The military was being called in to the disaster-struck region to help search-and-rescue teams get to victims and find bodies”, Indonesian President Joko Widodo said. (CCTV)



Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan finished his trip in Germany last week by opening one of Europe’s largest mosques in Cologne. The mosque stood as a symbol of peace, according to Erdoğan. He thanked the German government for continuing with its construction despite protests. Germany has a Turkish population of over three million, but city authorities cancelled the plans for around 25,000 people to gather outside the mosque due to safety fears. He said, “We need to put aside our differences and focus on our common interests.” According to Erdoğan, the main goal of his three-day trip was to ease tensions between two countries. (BBC)




Israeli troops killed seven Palestinians, including two children, and wounded hundreds more in Gaza city in recent weeks since Gaza’s Hamas rulers accelerated protests along the border fence last Friday, Sept. 28. Hamas has led protests since this March, but stepped on them in recent weeks, pressing for an end to Israeli-Egyptian blockade that was imposed after Hamas’ forcible takeover of Gaza in 2007. Israel Defense Forces responded that they had “operated in accordance with standard operating procedures.” Hamas vowed to continue the marches until the blockade is lifted and to accelerate the protests. (NBC)


United Kingdom

Prime Minister Theresa May announced plans to hold a Brexit festival in 2022 to celebrate Britain’s scheduled departure from the UN next year. This festival would echo the 1851 Great Exhibition as well as the 1951 Festival of Britain. “Almost 70 years ago the Festival of Britain stood as a symbol of change. Britain once again stands on the cusp of a new future as an outward facing global trading nation,” May said in a statement. The statement also said the government would spend $156 million to plan the event. May’s plans have grabbed society’s attention, and both voices of support and objection were reported. (CNN)

Compiled by Wenshu Wang