Staff Editorial: Best News of 2018

2018 as a whole had one of the most upsetting news cycles of the twenty-first century. Global politics and natural and human disasters constantly filled our feeds, and has put a bad taste in our mouths. In a time where it was hard to see the brighter side of anything, the Lawrentian Editorial Board has decided to compile a list of the more positive headlines of 2018, in hopes of affirming for our readers that optimism is just as valuable today as is our skepticism.


Ali Shuger

In his posthumously published final paper, Stephen Hawking taught us how to escape from a black hole — and in doing so, suggested that information previously thought to have disappeared from the universe forever may be recoverable.


Andrew Brown

2018 showed record breaking numbers in LGBTQ+ representation in television, with 8.8% of regular characters on broadcast television identifying as a member of the community, according to GLADD’s annual TV diversity report. Popular shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, Steven Universe, and Netflix’s Queer Eye contributed greatly to representing several gay, bisexual, and transgender personalities, and for the first time, LGBTQ+ people of color TV personaliteis outnumbered their white counterparts.


Allegra Taylor

My hometown almost burned down but it didn’t.


Claire Zimmerman

2018 gave me the gift of hope for the future. Watching the results of the Midterm elections brought me so much joy. I can’t wait for the most diverse congress in history!


Madeline MacLean

The best thing to happen in 2018: the Red Sox won the World Series. The second best thing to happen in 2018: Seattle was given the extension for the NHL, so professional hockey will be in Seattle starting in the 2020-2021 season. I just hope their name won’t be the Sockeyes.


Nicole Witmer

I was in London for the royal wedding.


Cassie Gitkin

Due to global initiatives by NGOs and national governments, the ozone layer is now expected to be entirely repaired (hole-free!) by 2060. Good news for us — and the polar bears!


Larissa Davis

While banning plastic straws is only a small step in the direction of the decrease in plastic use a, I appreciate how it brought publicity to the issue and increased awareness of the effects of plastic in the environment. Maybe plastic bags will be next!


Alex Dahl

The Films Skyscraper and Rampage were released.


Max Craig

Congress passed the “First Step Act,” which softened some criminal justice practices across the country and will lead to thousands of prisoners getting an early release. I don’t like prisons! So this is good.