Updates to College Ave crosswalks improve student safety

The new crosswalk lights require a button to be pressed before activation.

Photo by Allegra Taylor.

On Wednesday, Jan. 1, Vice President for Student Life Chris Card sent an e-mail to the Lawrence community informing them of updates to the pedestrian crossings on College Ave.

The updates come on the heels of a number of Lawrence students getting hit by cars on College Ave. and the nearby intersections. The new system includes a button to activate the lights to cross the street.

According to Card, the new system is designed to reduce the number of times the lights are accidentally activated and reduce confusion for both pedestrians and approaching vehicles.

Another new feature of the update is the addition of audio beacons to increase accessibility for the visually impaired. New crosswalk lights have also been placed at the southeast corner of College Avenue and Lawe Street and the northeast corner of Lawe Street and Alton Street.

Suggestions or questions about pedestrian safety can be directed to Assistant to the President Jake Woodford.