Fly on the Wall “The Tube”

I am still so impressed by the tube system. I mean, after all these odd years, it still works! Well, yeah, the tracks are different. And so are the cars. And it’s not even underground anymore…but it still has the sign! That iconic red and blue one, with Underground through the circle. I’m so happy the new sign didn’t stick. Who did they think they were, anyway? Making a change that big without consulting those who would be affected the most.

I’ve been riding the Overground a lot since my trip has started. Well, technically, it’s all over ground now. Ever since the fires and the floods and the second wave of fires and the ash summer and the earthquakes and the ash winter. Despite it all, this wonderful old city has maintained her beauty. Well, as much as she could. The fires destroyed the beautiful countryside. The floods ruined most of the architecture. The earthquakes didn’t help the architecture that hadn’t been totally ruined. And the ash seasons has made things a bit dull. But! Despite it all, this is still a city full of wonders to see.

The tube guide was just delighted to point out current attractions and what used to exist under them. Oh, my! I keep forgetting that you were never much into European studies as I was. Surely you remember from our chats? Oh, just in case. You see, the disaster from the earthquakes proved too substantial in some places. The solution was to simply flatten things out and build over them. Ever since that wacky scientist guy perfected those tectonic stabilizers (which I am 100% sure I’ve told you about), this city has been made back into its most prime. I sure wish you would have come on here with me. I’m telling you, you would have loved it!

That’s just as well. It’s almost time for afternoon tea, so I must be going. Don’t want to upset my lovely hosts. Oh! I know something that would delight you: scones! They still serve scones at afternoon tea! Isn’t that just delightful? Until next time.