Listening Session held by new Title IX Coordinator

In order to engage in a conversation about the Title IX process and education with the Lawrence University community, new Title IX Coordinator Shaniqua Crawford conducted a Title IX Listening Session. This conversation took place on Jan. 15 at 4:30 p.m. in the Warch Campus Center Cinema.

Through this conversation, Lawrence community members were given the opportunity to ask questions, listen to Crawford’s goals and also to get to know the new coordinator as an individual.

One of Crawford’s primary goals is to get to know people and to be as active on campus as possible.

With this goal in mind, Crawford spoke of her willingness to meet with different organizations and committees, whether they be comprised of students, faculty or staff. She is also happy to serve on any panel discussions in the future and looks forward to an upcoming meet and greet event coordinated by Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion and Associate Dean of Faculty Kimberly Barrett.

Previously in her career, Crawford was mostly involved with the investigative side of Title IX matters, but that is not her role at Lawrence.

Rather, she aims to educate, program and train students, faculty and staff along the guidelines and expectations of Title IX. During her first week at Lawrence, Crawford has met with representatives of Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources and Education (SHARE) and has attended a staff meeting.

Crawford’s goals center around evaluating what is already being done and making sure people understand her role.

She emphasized that she is a private resource who reveals information on a need-to-know basis and will do her best to maintain an open door policy in her office in Brokaw Hall room 101.

Crawford seeks to provide more education and training on topics revolving around consent and alcohol and the intersectional nature of these subjects. She hopes to work with SHARE to help students understand these connections.

Crawford also mentioned that she would be looking into providing training on consensual relationships as well as on report writing.

In regard to reports, Crawford also seeks to make the report and complaint process straight-forward and standardized to ensure that all involved are receiving the same information.

Her assessments during the beginning of her time at Lawrence will include looking into policies, standardizing the processes and ensuring they comply with Title IX.

In response to what attracted her to Lawrence, Crawford stated that she saw an “opportunity to grow as a professional and utilize and maximize [her] skill set to be more of service.”

Whenever Crawford mentioned any goals for the future, she referred back to the theme of ‘being better’ and helping in any way she could.

Crawford also explained that Lawrence, in particular, offered an opportunity to push the vision and “is really trying to get it right.” When mentioning the hardships of working within Title IX, Crawford explained that it helps to work with people who are passionate, which is what she saw at Lawrence University.

The listening session concluded with an invitation for private, individual questions. Crawford also encouraged all to reach out to her, whether it be at her office or via e-mail or phone.