Fly on the Wall: “Stadium Tour”


That’s a fun word.

It must have been a fun activity as well. Before it all got banned, of course. Can you guess where I went today? That’s right, a visit to the ruins of one of the most famous sport stadiums in European history! It was just marvelous, I tell you. Absolutely splendid!

The movies really help, though. What with the floods and fire damage, the ruins barely stand as proudly as they once did. But my, my… When you have the image in your mind from the movies, it’s just picture perfect!

Now, still, I can see clearly what it must have been like for the athletes of time past.

Open-roofed building, harsh stadium lighting, people upon people in the audience. What an experience that must have been. What a rush!

Our tour included a reenactment by certified athletic actors, but I can tell it was shades away from the real thing. For one, I was the only person into it! Of my entire group! The reenactors taught us chants, and songs, and old player names. But, alas, no one else wanted to join in on the fun.

It was just as well. Our tour did not have enough reenactors to create two full teams, anyway. So it was just a couple of guys, running across a scaled down field, pretending everything was at stake.

I really hope that new 5D VR tech takes off soon. It might be just what this society needs. I mean, banning all sport?? How in the world did our ancestors think that would be a good idea? Granted, most people of sporting age were fairly sick, and there was a huge generation gap (which is reported to be improving, mind you!), so I suppose I could see how other priorities were being held.

Still, what I wouldn’t give to see sport at its prime.

Until next time —