Fly on the Wall “[Redacted]”


This letter has been seized by the New London division of Interpol.

The person trying to contact you has violated Section 8.12.D27 of the New London Communications Act of 3005:

Mention of the “Queen” in correspondence should always refer to the current ruling crown.

If any persons outside of the United Republic of Nations, formerly known as the United Kingdom, make any effort to speak of past ruling crowns, their documents will be seized immediately, and they will be put under investigation.

Do not attempt to respond to this letter. Response is prohibited. If you respond to this letter, you are acting in violation of Section 8.12.E14 of the New London Communications Act of 3005:

Any persons responding to a suspect of a Communications violation will be automatically implicated in the conspiracy as an accomplice.

These persons will be extradited to the United Republic of Nations, and will undergo immediate questioning.

Any attempt to bypass contact through letter by entering the country during the investigation will result in automatic detention for the continued duration of the investigation. Your personal identification number, place of work and last known address has been ascertained through assistance from the accused. This information has been recorded and will be used against you in any attempts to undermine this investigation.

The suspected persons attempting to contact you with information violating the Communications Act of 3005 will be dealt with accordingly, and to the letter of the law. You need not worry about these persons, nor their wellbeing. Though the act is criminal, the law is benevolent, and we only seek answers. Until this investigation is rectified, the suspected persons will not be allowed any written correspondence.


We thank you for your cooperation, and hope that you consider visiting one day!

Long live the Queen.


All the best,

New London Interpol