Staff Editorial: Conversational forum

The Lawrentian offers students, faculty and staff the opportunity to engage in open dialogue with one another through writing articles, submitting Letters to the Editor and commenting on our website. Inherent to the form of a paper is the necessary formulation of ideas prior to submission for publication. This newspaper only allows for the dissemination of static opinions in limited space and in limited installments. While we are glad to be a part of campus discourse, we think a medium that enables Lawrentians to actively create and develop ideas in a dynamic, conversational setting would be beneficial to the Lawrence experience.

Admittedly, social networking websites, such as Facebook, provide a place for a live exchange of ideas; however, these discussions take place on a global website rather than through a medium meant for the Lawrence community. Of the students, faculty and staff currently using Facebook, many are not interested in publicizing their concerns to a community inherently larger than Lawrence.

Though LUCC holds General Council meetings that are open to all members of the Lawrence community, these meetings are intended to serve discussion relevant to community governance and campus policy. We at The Lawrentian are interested in a forum that allows for a wider range of topics — such as political issues or ideas for new courses — in a less goal-oriented structure. We envision an environment in which those present learn how to express their opinions and listen to the opinions of others while discussing any number of concepts.

This type of forum would supplement in-class learning — the skills gained in one setting would apply to the challenges of the other. We hope that such an initiative will develop over the coming years and serve as a springboard for involvement as a new cornerstone of the Lawrence education.