ARIES: Venus is in your sign, giving you power in your spontaneous and direct brand of love just in time for Valentine’s Day. Your Mars ruler traveling through Capricorn sets your sights on a personal or professional goal you are passionate about. Figure out your priorities.

TAURUS: Be honest with others about who you are and what you need. This might be easier than it sounds this week, since the planets are putting you in a more thoughtful and self-reflective frame of mind.

GEMINI: You are going to be forced to work with others, and although you might not want to listen to their ideas at first, what they have to say can change your mindset in surprising ways if you let it. 

CANCER: You might have a lot of social obligations coming up. It is okay to say no when you need time to yourself, especially since you might have some powerful emotions that could cause you to lash out unpredictably. 

LEO: You are entering a month-long period where routine might become very important. You will find satisfaction in organization. It is also a good time to admit your mistakes and take steps towards correcting them. 

VIRGO: There are new people in your life who will motivate you and help you get a new perspective on your own life. You will make progress on your plans if you apply yourself, but try to have some fun, too.

LIBRA: An agreement with someone unexpected might enable you to start something new. Don’t be scared of taking risks or making change. You have many people that support you and ensure your successes; make sure to thank them as you reach new heights.

SCORPIO: You are about to have a breakthrough in your long-term plans in just the way you have hoped for. It is easy to lose patience right now, but with a positive attitude and self-assurance you’re in a great place. 

SAGITTARIUS: With Mars in your sign, it is an easy time to become entangled emotionally. Try to be patient and practical this week. There might be big changes coming your way; plant yourself firmly with the people you trust and in your faith in yourself.

CAPRICORN: Mars is in your sign, signifying the beginning of a new two-year cycle. Your energy level and self-confidence will go up; take advantage of this time to reflect on and correct your behavior and make a good impression on the people you meet.

AQUARIUS: You may have been struggling to solve a mystery lately. Don’t worry too much; it will reveal itself in the next month or so. This week, the sun in your sign continues to give you strength, and other people will be willing to follow your lead.  

PISCES: You have a chance to succeed if you are rational and patient. Mercury retrogrades in your sign, which isn’t as scary as it sounds: it provides an opportunity to review past decisions, amend mistakes and evaluate priorities. Take your time and give yourself a chance to change.