Staff Editorial: Campus Hacks

Welcome back to campus! And for those of you who are freshmen or transfer students, welcome to campus! To usher in the new school year and a new editorial board for The Lawrentian, we have put together a list of campus hacks. Whether you are a veteran Lawrentian or fresh on campus, these hacks are sure to help you get reacquainted with our new socially-distanced school.

“Want to assert your dominance over your peers and professors? Lay out a full picnic spread and simply chow down. The louder the snack, the better the hack. This nifty trick will make you the true alpha of your class.” — Caroline Garrow, Copy Editor

“Start using clamshells only for the Commons, and you’ll come to realize how very not economical sitting down with a plate is.” — Peter Lagershausen, Sports Editor

“Join the Wheeled Renaissance! COVID is definitely a damper on hangs, but I promise you, getting some skates or a longboard will revolutionize your social life. Learning a new skill while surrounded (distantly) by your pals is so underrated.” — Ursa Anderson, A&E Editor

“Take pictures of the Nipple of Knowledge (especially at sunset). It will remind you why you’re here when you can’t remember.” — Molly Ruffing, Copy Chief

“Find time at least once a week to get off campus and explore. There are lots of good walking trails and parks around town, as well as some good trails within driving distance. The fresh air and the different environment provide a good reboot for the brain.” — Genevieve Cook, Op-Ed Editor

“Always bring a jacket, and if you ever hear bubbling in the fourth floor Sage bathroom, run.” — Alex Freeman, News Editor

“Keep yourself active! We would walk the dogs every day over the summer, and I think that’s the only reason I kept sane. And now I just walk myself every day, and I think that’s the only reason I’m keeping sane.” — McKinley Breen, Managing Editor

“Do not park your car right in front of the Hiett tennis court stairs because it WILL be swarmed by bees, and they do not like it when you try to reclaim their new favorite hangout spot.” — Ethan Wachendorf, Copy Editor

“Take advantage of the counseling services on campus. Think you don’t have anything worth talking to a counselor about? I guarantee you are wrong. You can always find something to talk about, no matter how small. You will come out feeling better, and taking care of your mental health right now is super important. Plus, the services are already embedded in your tuition, so you may as well use them!” — Dannielle Konz, Editor-in-Chief

“Think twice before deciding to live in Brokaw.” — Sebastian Evans, Photo Editor

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